Style | March 6, 2017 9:00 am

Grab a Pair of the Season’s Most Stylish Boot, for Under $100

You'll look moneyed and no one will be any the wiser

We’re not sure the last time you looked down at your neighbor’s feet, but the chelsea boot is having a moment. 

And for good reason: they’re simple, jaunty and stylish — so stylish in fact, they lend to all kinds of different looks. 

Problem is, there’s a price to be paid to look good in the streets, and sometimes, it’s a price too high to pay. That’s why we’re getting behind the Houston Chelsea collection from New Republic by Mark McNairy. The line, which sold out with a quickness back in November last year, was just recently restocked for your trend-setting pleasure. 

Available in black, brown, gray, sand and camouflage, the boots feature a suede upper and crepe sole sandwiched around a leather interior stitched for comfort. Simple, stylish and priced a buck short of $100 (excluding the $109 camo versions), the boots are made for everyday usage.

And walking. Check out a few looks below.