Style | March 13, 2017 9:00 am

Customizable Duffel Solves Your Gym/Commute/Carry-On Struggles in One Go

You to this bag: 'Where have you been all my life?'

Duffel bags offer a lot of versatility. Gym jaunts, weekend getaways, hell, even the beach.

But their one drawback is that the open cavity of a space is not ideal for keeping things organized.

San Franisco’s bagmaker extraordinaire Mission Workshop has a simple fix for that: a modular duffel made from their patented Arkiv system. The San Francisco company cut its teeth making high quality modular backpacks for two-wheeled commuters, so of course they’d apply that same principle to a duffel.

the cadre (4 images)

But the cool thing about the Cadre 261 weatherproof bag is its modular functions work with all of their other components in the Arkiv system. So you can get a laptop folio, a wallet and phone sleeve or a tool compartment (you get the idea) and have it work with their other bags.

Plus it’s hand-stitched with that Milspec webbing that’ll never let the weather inside, so it’ll always look razor sharp.