Space Suited

The eggheads who made Lee Majors better / stronger / faster spent six million dollars — weird they couldn’t afford anything more than a vermilion track suit.

But now we have the technology, we can rebuild your button-down, with Ministry of Supply’s space-tech Apollo shirt, now available for pre-order.

[callout]…astronaut-worthy materials to keep you cool[/callout]

From a MIT posse who’ve helped design NASA spacesuits and the iPhone, the Apollo uses astronaut-worthy Phase Change Materials — a fancy name for even-fancier knit synthetics — to harness and store heat, keeping wearers at an Earth-apropos temp.

The Apollo also rocks an anti-microbial coating that wicks away moisture, keeping the shirts odor-, stain- and even wrinkle-free.

Beyond the Apollo, MoS also peddles the Atmos tee and the Performance Base undershirt, both technologically designed to keep away the sweat.

So you can look like the Six Million Dollar Man, without smelling like the Five Penny Intern.