Style | December 26, 2022 7:40 am

It’s Your Once-a-Year Chance to Score Huge Discounts at the L.L. Bean Winter Sale Event

Up to 50% off the bean? This literally never happens.

a collage of items from the L.L. Bean Winter Sale Event on a grey background
The once-a-year L.L. Bean Winter Sale Event is not to be missed
L.L. Bean/Getty Images

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Rarely does L.L. Bean throws a sitewide sale…but when they do, you don’t want to miss it. Not only because a boatload of quality gear and garb that’ll last you a lifetime gets marked down even cheaper than its already fairly affordable Bean pricing, but because, unlike certain retailers, sales like the L.L. Bean Winter Sale Event literally only happen once a year. This is your last chance of 2022 — and for the foreseeable future — to snag winterproof Bean Boots, vintage-looking knits, the coziest socks known to man and so much more. Click the link below to shop the full sale.