By Will Levith / June 22, 2016

HYT Celebrates America’s Cup Champ Russell Coutts With Limited-Edition Timepiece

Swiss watchmaker to produce just 10 H4 watches

(©Pedro Martinez / RC44 Class/HYT)
(©Pedro Martinez / RC44 Class/HYT)
(©Pedro Martinez / RC44 Class/HYT)
(©Pedro Martinez/RC44 Class/HYT)

Luxury Swiss watchmaker HYT, known for mixing mechanical movement and neon liquid inside its watches, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its partnership with five-time America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts with a limited-edition watch. HYT has produced just 10 H4’s, as part of its RC44 Series, crafting the watch with blue liquid (à la the sea) and an ultra-light carbon body (like a sailboat’s hull). The watch will retail for $79,000. For more information on the H4, click here. Watch a video on HYT’s hydro-mechanical technology at the bottom.

HYT's H4 RC44
(Courtesy of HYT)