Highly Recommended: SuperFit Boxer Briefs by Pair of Thieves

This is Highly Recommended, in which one of our editors waxes poetic about an unsexy but dependable consumer good they swear by.

As of this writing, it is 93 sweltering, miserable degrees in New York City. And, at the risk of oversharing, your correspondent can go on record as saying that his ‘nethers are as cool and comfortable as the other side of the pillow.

While a portion of the credit must go to the towering technological achievement that is central air, I bestow the lion’s share to the pair of SuperFit Boxer Briefs I’m currently wearing by the fine folks at Pair of Thieves.

Got turned onto these bad boys by PoT founder Cash Warren after interviewing him for a video project. On my way out, he chucked a couple pairs at me and said “give these a try, I swear they will change your life.”

I know what you’re thinking: “great, another underwear company making hyperbolic claims regarding what is essentially a cloth sack for my junk.” I was too. But then I put them on. And Cash was right, my life was changed.

Honestly you can tell just from holding a pair of these things (the underwear, sicko) in your hands — the fabric just feels … different, like a buttery soft basketball jersey.

And then you put them on, and this “very special microfiber polyamide” lives up to every four-way-stretch, form-fitting, ultra breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying promise made on POT’s site. They are, in short, crazy f*cking comfortable.

My only complaint: for some reason they don’t come in black-on-black, which is my personal preference.

A small price to pay, however, for the privilege of checking the temp forecast on a July day in New York and being able to say, “You know what, Ma Nature? Bring it.”