Style | December 22, 2016 9:00 am

These Gloves Can Handle Literally Anything

Climbing Alps, texting in January, dipping your hand in lava

The guys at Heat Company — an Austrian company literally based in the middle of the Alps — think about cold-weather tech more than anybody, since they make gear for German and Austrian special forces.

And their new gloves, the third iteration of their Heat Smart series, integrate every trick in the book for maximum enjoyment/minimal discomfort in the wintry months. 

Silver linings at the thumb and index finger tips? That makes for easier typing and swiping on screens, so you can text/Tinder/Slack from a Minneapolis bus stop or a tent under the Northern Lights. 

Goat leather on the palm? That makes for a better grip and more warmth. They also feature four-ounce Primaloft and a mitten flap to keep your body heat where it belongs: next to your body. 

And of course it’s all windproof, waterproof and breathable. Plus, a zippered compartment allows users to stow a couple heat packs for polar conditions (see below). 

Here’s a closer look if you’re interested: