Style | April 27, 2017 9:00 am

This Beautiful Leather Bag Is Actually Two Beautiful Leather Bags

The Double Take makes your travels twice as versatile

When you travel, you should not be beholden to your bag. There’s a time for carrying all your stuff, and a time for just keeping the essentials.

Hardgraft understands this. Makers of fine and versatile leather wares (we’re fans), ‘Graft just introduced the Double Take Holdall, a beautiful veg-tanned leather carry-on with a twist: it’s really two bags.

Hardgraft (5 images)

The larger Holdall is a weekender for your clothes and shoes, while the miniature One Pack is for your wallet, passport and phone. And it detaches, too — it’s held on to the Holdall by two magnets and a strap —meaning you can carry both or either (or neither, I guess, but that’s weird).

The Double Take is available now for $1200, but if you’re a person of few needs, the smaller One Pack will be available on its own soon for $200.