Ray Ban
Ray Ban aviators on sale at Ashford

Sunglasses dilemma: Wear the designer brands and risk losing $300 when you misplace ”˜em on a bar? Three different times? (Maybe that’s just me.)

Or wear something cheap that you somehow never lose but lives up — well, down — to its $9.99 drugstore purchase aesthetic?

We found a happy medium. Ashford, a luxury watch e-tailer that also offers up leather goods and accessories, is hosting a ridiculous deal on high-end, name-brand sunnies. Right now, they have 300+ styles on sale from the likes of Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Oakley, Michael Kors and more, with savings up to whopping 88% off (though more likely in the still-awesome 50-60% range).

A few favorites, sorted by style, below:

Ray Ban

For classic, cool style: Ray-Ban Aviator Unisex

BUY IT HERE: $158 $65


For pairing with jet skis: Oakley Sport

BUY IT HERE: $113 $55

For Coachella: Michael Kors Aviator, Unisex

BUY IT HERE: $139 $50

For looking smart: Tom Ford Designer Unisex

BUY IT HERE: $441 $80

For buying in bulk: Kennth Cole Fashion Unisex

BUY IT HERE: $90 $12

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