Who Wants $250 Off This Classic American Peacoat?

Made by a menswear icon. Styled to stand out.

Who Wants $250 Off This Classic American Peacoat?
By Alex Lauer / February 15, 2019 9:00 am

In the pantheon of American menswear icons, Gant may not make your top ten. But they’ve been around since 1949, churning out top-notch shirts and pioneering game-changing features like the back-collar button, all the time unconcerned with silly rankings.

Today’s the day you pay them proper respect, not for their expertise, not for their American-dream pedigree, but because they just slashed the price of their classic peacoat an insane $248.

Yes, it’s “marine” blue instead of black. And yes, it’s cut in a more contemporary style (read: slightly shorter than normal), but these differences actually make this coat a classic, and worth picking up even though we’re supposedly heading into spring.

BUY IT HERE: $495 $247

The peacoat is an essential piece of your wardrobe, but as you’ve seen in the last few months, there are already enough schlubby, ill-fitting black peacoats in the world. This version from Gant is tailored while not sacrificing warmth with its wool-blend construction, and they’ve got all the right details — killer Blackwatch check lining and anchor buttons — that’ll have said schlubby gents asking, hey, where can I get one of those?

But this 50% off price isn’t going to last, and neither are the sizes (though right now, they’ve got small through XXL in stock).


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