It’s Time to Invest in Some No-Show Socks. Try These Five.
By Alex Lauer / June 20, 2018 9:00 am

Guys, we need to chat about the no-sock look.

We’re all for it, but you still need to, y’know, wear socks. No-shows, to be exact.

Those dainty little things? They can’t possibly be doing anything!

Except yes, they are. They may seem insignificant, but they are in fact the difference between a normal day at the office and you and your radioactive hoofs being quarantined in the supply closet.

Fung fact: according to London’s College of Podiatry, fungal infections are on the rise in young men. The main culprit: going sockless.

“Podiatrist Emma Stephenson says she’s seeing more 18-25 year-old men with problems associated with wearing shoes without socks and ill-fitting shoes,” writes the BBC. She also notes, to highlight the garment’s importance, “The average feet sweat about half a pint a day.” 

Buying shoes that actually fit is an easy fix. As for no-show socks, here are our favorites. Do yourself — and the lady who has to smell the aroma emanating from your end-of-day dogs — a favor and pick some up posthaste.

Arvin Goods: Yes, sustainability can even be found in sock form. Every product Arvin makes comes from 100% donated and upcycled materials — but how do they feel? Top-notch, thanks to a terry loop padded footbed and integrated arch support.


Paul Smith: Smart, Italian-made socks knitted from a lightweight stretch-cotton blend.


Outlier: A combination of micron merino wool, a natural performance fabric that’s odor resistant and moisture wicking, and nylon. Made in the U.S.A. Take $16 off if you buy three.


Stance: While it is touted as “super invisible,” the Gamut sock offers a reinforced heel and toe, as well as a silicone gripper on the heel so it’s also super reliable.


Nice Laundry: The LeBron of foot coverings, made from a proprietary fabric known as Hydra10 nylon which absorbs more than 10 times its weight in water.


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