By Alex Lauer / November 30, 2018

Pillage Frank and Oak for $100 Puffer Jackets, Other Economical Winter Layers

Pillage Frank and Oak for $100 Puffer Jackets, Other Economical Winter Layers

We’re not going to make a “winter is coming” joke, but if the first few dips in the mercury have shown your cold-weather gear to be a little worse for wear, you’ve only got a few weeks left to bulk up.

Thankfully, the folks at Frank and Oak are standing by with all the supplemental layers you’ll need for the season, many of them 50-66% off.

We’ve praised their outerwear before, especially their use of alternative insulation, which you’ll find in the Explorer Winter Puffer Jacket. Specifically, 3M Thinsulate, a featherless recycled concoction that helps cut down on the puffiness (and, y’know, cruelty). But that’s not all — in addition to the expected traits of water repellence and wind resistance, the coat features a “tech pouch” that it can fold into to double as a pillow. Besides red, it comes in black and olive, though not as many sizes.


Other economical layers include the (frankly astonishing) organic cotton pullover sweatshirts for just $20 (down from $60) — available in all sizes, to boot! Our guess is they didn’t sell as well because of the “Frank And Oak” embroidery. But get real, how many Nike or Gap or Patagonia branded garments have you worn in your lifetime? On the black you can barely see it. But if you really don’t want anything branded, they also have super clean organic cotton hoodies for $35 (50% off).

All images via Frank and Oak
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