Style | June 2, 2016 9:00 am

The Best Men’s Shop You’re Too Embarrassed to Visit

There is swag to be had on Etsy — if you know where to look

You may think Etsy is just one big marketplace of handknit “couple’s gloves” and Yoda-themed baby costumes. And there’s plenty of that. But beyond the bored housewives and art school dropouts lies a valid alternative identity: it’s a seriously great men’s shop, if you’re willing to do some strategic searching.

We suggest two areas of focus: its underestimated vintage wares and the handmade accessories (especially leather goods). Many indie designers hang their first shingle on Etsy — so what you’ll see in Barneys in six months could be available there first. For vintage pieces, shoppers can take advantage of the platform’s international selling base for some seriously good deals, especially if you don’t mind a couple weeks’ shipping time.

Just try to ignore some of the names of the shops. This is a site called “Etsy,” after all.

Eastern European vintage is a particular steal — all you need is a well-curated shop like this Latvian outlet. Advantageous currency exchange included.

Savage Supply Company
A tidy, lightweight weekender that’ll encourage judicious packing. Rugged, worn-in look that’ll encourage wayward travails.

Mr. Lentz
Top-quality, vegetable-tanned leather and a shape made to last for generations.

Joeymest has 90 pieces in the kicks section of the shop — including these vintage Nikes.

Trickster Vintage
Another Baltic vintage powerhouse: ’70s leather jackets for well under $100.

Isle of Vintage
Full-grain leather treated to emphasize imperfections — meaning that it has a vintage look and new-build integrity (note: their dedicated store is now here).

Luxury Leather London
These hand-stitched leather bags are sized to accommodate 15-inch laptops, with a separate pocket for a tablet or other gear.

Fox and Brie
This Austin designer’s line of pocket squares and bow ties was inspired by her grandfather, who believed that a “tidy appearance was the mark of a true gentleman.”

Emmett Brown
Ironic (or not) 1990s vintage concert tees: check.