Bonobos Is Having a 30% Off Site-Wide Sale

Snag a couple of Tan France's beloved printed camp shirts

Bonobos Is Having a 30% Off Site-Wide Sale
By Tanner Garrity / July 15, 2019 9:59 am

In each episode of Netflix’s Queer Eye, stylist Tan France takes the subject out for a shopping spree. In the episodes with male subjects, he almost always brings the guy out to a local Bonobos.

The New York-based company is one of the best labels out there for men looking to quickly elevate their style. That’s thanks to A) its commitment to different types of fit (you don’t just order a shirt size, you also select “Tailored,” “Slim” then “Standard” and “Short,” “Regular” or “Long”) and B) bolder looks than those you’d find on the rack at J.Crew or Banana Republic.

Bonobos isn’t afraid to throw around prints, which, of course, Tan famously supports, and its blend of relaxed stripes and patterns are a nice compromise for people who felt a lot of things when they first saw Dazed and Confused but still want to appear put together in their adult years.

From now until July 16th, Bonobos is hosting a site wide 30% off sale, and we recommend putting together a couple outfits. We’ve added five of our favorite pieces below. And if you could use a lightweight suit, head over to the online store’s well-stocked suit shop. You can find deals up to $200 off.

Relaxed Fit Camp Collar Shirt

Oxford Stretch Chino

Lightweight Beach Tee

Stretch Technical Shorts

Unconstructed Italian Blazer

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