Style | January 30, 2020 10:52 am

Deal: This Filson Bag Is Only $89

But you only have today to buy it

Deal: This Filson Bag Is Only $89

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Whatever bag you’ve been using to lug around all your stuff has probably seen better days, so might we gently suggest you retire it in favor of something you’ll actually be proud to carry, like this Filson rugged twill tote, now marked down to just $89 from $225. If you have an aversion to the word tote, it’s about time you get over it and any connotations of femininity you think it holds — besides, this Filson one has rugged in its name, so it’s manly or whatever. Plus, the durable twill means it’ll last much longer than any flimsy canvas option, and it’s roomy enough to hold all your manliest prized possessions. What more could you ask for? Just make sure you get a jump on the deal — it only lasts today.