Deal: This Everlane Overshirt Is 40% Off

For all your spring weather needs.

Deal: This Everlane Overshirt Is 40% Off
By Lee Cutlip / February 24, 2020 11:52 am

The sense that spring is on its way is palpable, but we still have some awkward transitional weather to endure before we can shed all our heavier outer-layers for good. What better way to combat those not-quite-hot but not-quite-cold temperatures than with something that’s not quite a shirt but not quite a jacket? Basically, all you need is this Chore Overshirt from Everlane, now 40% off.

Crafted from a cotton twill, the overshirt is able to both slim and durable, meaning if the forecast calls for it, you can still slip it underneath a coat, while still maintaining full range of movements and capabilities. And if the weather just so happens to be kind enough to not require burdensome outwear, you’ll be free to throw it on over a t-shirt.

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