Style | October 23, 2014 9:00 am

Leather from King George III

Now available for commoners.

By The Editors

They say a man’s home is his castle.

Which makes many a man the king of Pottery Barn.

Take it up a notch with Crest and Co. — luxury goods fit for kings (quite literally), taking orders now.

At heart, Crest and Co. is a private shopping site* that curates high-end wares from around the globe.

But not ordinary high-end. Over half the brands here are centuries-old purveyors to honest-to-God royal families. From King George III up through the present royal familj of Sweden.

Even the non-royal stuff here has some amazing heritage, and is often exclusive to C&C.

Some faves:

Plus: barware, games, tobacco accessories, watches and more.

Living like royalty has its price. Many of these goods aren’t inexpensive.

Call it the plight of the ruling class.

* Nota bene: Crest and Co. is usually invite only, but use the code “InsideHook” during the signup for instant access.