Style | June 20, 2016 9:00 am

Practically Everything You Need Is in This Bag

Cravar: Perfect leather satchels. Nothing more, nothing less.

Timeless. Rugged. Practical.

Good traits for a man. Fantastic traits for a bag.

And embodied perfectly in these sumptuous dark leather carriers from Cravar, available now for preorder.

Actually, those traits we stole from a quote by Yoki P. Baskara, Cravar’s head designer, who refers to his company’s satchels as “timeless rugged practical designs without unnecessary embellishments.”

It’s a bit of a mouthful. But it translates to great-looking bags with smart design and zero fuss.

“The aim was to make the bag as simple as possible. No fancy bells and whistles, but still serve the purpose it was intended for,” says Baskara. “And all the while making sure the end result looks great.”

To achieve this goal, the brand starts with excellent materials: full grain vegetable-tanned leather, solid brass accessories, handwoven denim and Sunbrella (a fabric made from acrylic fibers — very durable and, as the name suggests, great at repelling water).

They then add a number, which corresponds to the laptop the bags can fit. A “15” can fit 15″ laptops, 13 a 13″ laptop, a 10 a 9.7″ iPad and so on.

Cravar also divides its bags into different categories, each fulfilling a specific purpose and offering its own subtle practicalities.  


Cravar’s take on a briefcase. Simple, durable and hiding an aluminium bar that keeps the top flat when you carry it by the handle.


Inspired by classic field bags. Versatile and spacious with some interesting new materials, like handwoven denim. Plus, it features an oversized top flap to provide better protection against rain.


A laptop bag with three small pockets at the back for quick access to small items you need on the go.

Aside from the wonderful aesthetics, Baskara says “practical thoughts were given to each of the bags.” For example, the straps on all the totes run through the body, adding structure and overall strength. And all the bags (save for the F.C. 10) can be mounted on a suitcase.

Each bag comes with a Sunbrella pouch to help you organize your things.

Only downside? Being a Kickstarter, the bags don’t ship until October.

Suppose being practical will have to wait.