Style | September 6, 2018 9:00 am

Climb, Costume or Carouse in These Tasty Old-School Climbing Suits

Forget the three-piece. We found you a one-piece.

You’ve heard of a three-piece suit. But when was the last time you seriously considered the merits of a one-piece garment for your day-to-day life?

Coming in hot with the look for fall, outdoor outfitters Westerlind just launched a practical jumpsuit in five colorways inspired by heritage rock climbing gear.

You don’t need to be into climbing to “rock” these: coveralls are great workwear, whether in the yard, garage or on a renovation site. The cotton ripstop will wear-in nicely, and the armpit and crotch gussets will give you plenty of mobility.

Westerlind (3 images)

Can we also talk about how ballsy it is to drape your person on one, single expanse of cloth? I’m getting flashes of Sigourney in Alien, and I’m not mad about it. Not everyone can pull this off for their 9-5, but we could all stand to have more unconventional garments on hand, whether for a costume base or just to harness that BDE. Google it.

The jumpsuits are now available from Westerlind for $275.