All 22 of These Cone Denim MLB Caps Are on Sale (Even the Red Sox)

The trifecta: Todd Snyder, New Era and Cone’s White Oak Mill

All 22 of These Cone Denim MLB Caps Are on Sale (Even the Red Sox)
By Alex Lauer / November 29, 2018 9:00 am

The closing of the Cone Denim White Oak plant in North Carolina, “a 112-year-old shrine to bluejeans,” at the end of 2017 was an American tragedy. But the funny thing is, while they’re not producing their legendary selvage denim anymore, brands keep releasing limited-edition garments from the last batches, from Stock Mfg. Co. to Madewell.

One of the best releases featuring these coveted threads? Todd Snyder’s denim MLB caps, created in partnership with New Era and on sale right now. Originally $78 a pop, all 22 hats from the Yankees to the Astros are marked down to either either $59 or $39. Yes, even the 2018 champs.


Your home NFL team in freefall as we cruise towards the playoffs? Your NBA starters not delivering on the preseason hype? Then go ahead, grab a cap and starting getting your hopes up for baseball season.

Images via Todd Snyder

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