Style | October 28, 2014 9:00 am

These Sneakers: Dammmmmnnn.

Looks good, feels good.

By The Editors

The sneaker.

The shoe formerly known as casual.

Now: actually kinda fancy.

Looks great, casual or formal.

And feels comfortable either way.

As seen below, this season brings a bevy of churched-up kicks.

Time to toss a pair on.

Frank and Oak Park Leather Low-Top Sneakers

A black low-top built with a calfskin insole and lining, waxed laces and a thick rubber-cup sole. Like tiny Batmobiles for your feet. Great thing about Frank and Oak: fair price points.

Pendleton by NIKEiD

The woolen masters of Pendleton hooked up with Phil Knight and co. for a series of eight new sneaker silhouettes, all crafted from 100% virgin wool and featuring an assortment of traditional Scottish tartan and plaid patterns. 

Cordwain Rookwood

A handsome leather dress boot in look, a basketball shoe in guts and comfort, thanks to the heel airbag and dual density EVA insole (“for shock absorption”).

Barbour x Adidas Originals

The English luxury outerwear band teams with Adidas for three different silhouettes of rugged leather footwear (Country, Spectator and Military). Bonus: pair ‘em with their complementary line of jackets. (Launching Nov. 8)

The Royale by Greats

A handmade Italian leather sneaker for under $160, using the same veg-tanned leather (Vachetta) found in luxury handbags. Looks great in suede, too.


Not one brand, but one guy who curates an extremely cool shop of limited-edition sneaks (like these burgundy chukka/sneaker hybrids). As our style editor says: “I swear to god, their owner Ronnie Fieg just sh–s in-demand sneakers. He’s the Don Corleone of the sneaker game. The f—ing sneaker whisperer.” You get it.