Deal: Get Three Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs for $20

Men's underwear doesn't get more iconic than this, folks

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs
By Tanner Garrity / August 19, 2019 11:49 am

Nordstrom Rack is currently hosting a sale on Calvin Klein boxer briefs, and for a limited time, you can bring home a pack of three for just $20. That’s good for 50% off, and if you’re routinely running out of briefs too early in the week, or (gasp) rewearing some, this deal is too good to pass up.

An average cost of $7 per boxer brief might seem a little too good to be true (especially in a landscape where Mack Weldon undies are going for $34 a pop), but I will proudly vouch for Calvin Klein’s quality. They’re the rare pair I turn to for both work days and workouts, because the cotton’s soft and breathable. I mainly wear them in black and grey (I’m wearing black while writing this) but the Rack has a ton of different colors available — yellows, reds, light blues. Do your thing.

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