Style | July 1, 2014 9:00 am

Bags of Glory

By The Editors

In the throes of your “America, F— Yeah!” sentiments for the World Cup — and upcoming July 4th feel-goodness — let’s add a third reason to chant “USA!” today.

Like leather bags from the American heartland …

…. that are on sale for as long as the US advances in the World Cup.

So give a salute to Brothers Leather Supply Company, taking orders now.

The Bros, brand new and based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (“top beer town, great for small business, 30 minutes from Lake Michigan”), wanted to make high-quality, hand-sewn leather goods that “stick closer than a brother.”

And cost less than starting a new family.

So they present this initial line — dapper weekenders, dopp kits and a hand-stitched messenger bag called (natch) “The American.” Each slyly spacious without being bulky and decidedly lightweight.

Sourced primarily from goatskin leather, giving the bags a “worn and survived” look years quicker than traditional cowhide.

All for about $115-$200.

And as long as the USA keeps winning, the Brothers are offering 15% off their wares.

America, f— yeah.