Style | March 25, 2014 9:00 am

Boot Point

By The Editors

Given the confused state of today’s weather — rain, ninety degrees, thundersnow (it’s a thing) — you harbor some unique footwear needs.

Something to survive the elements. Yet urbane. A shoe crafted by hand. But fairly priced.

Got it. Your four-season, all-weather, all-occasion footwear is here: Boston Boot Co., just launched.

Crafted by a three-man troupe of high-class cordwainers borne and bred on The City on the Hill, this Boston “micro-shoery” handsews small-batch boots fit for nights out or a hard day’s work.

In other words: Horween Leather. Triple-density polyurethane footbeds. Paraffin wax-impregnated water-resistant canvas. Deep heel cup and supportive sides.

It’s breathability mixed with comfort, wrapped in some comfortably classic styles and a bit of Boston pride.

Boston Boot Co.

The three initial boot offerings:

An introductory line that’s handsomely priced (starting at $179) and currently 20% off.

Time to step outside.