If ‘Dress Sweatpants’ Ain’t a Sign of the Times, We Don’t Know What Is
By Evan Bleier / August 28, 2017 9:00 am

Show us a man wearing a pair of sweatpants and we’ll show you a very comfortable dude.

Also: probably one that isn’t going into an office, restaurant or anywhere potential suitors might be found.

Of course, that’s assuming this gent isn’t wearing Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpants, in which case he’s good to go to the boardroom, barroom and pretty much everywhere in between. Crafted from a fabric that looks like wool and provide stretchiness in four directions, the San Francisco-based company’s dress sweatpants are exactly what they sound like — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (at least to your correspondent, anyway).

Work sweatpants (4 images)

Available in slim-leg, regular and five-pocket styles, the sharp-looking pants feature a tailored fit, zippered security pockets and can be machine-washed then laid flat to dry out.

So what does covert comfort cost? About $100 (shipping included)

For a literal sweatsuit, pair the pants with Betabrand’s Sweat Suit blazer and prep to be envied.