Stripes and Color-Blocks Abound: The 6 Best Pieces from Uniqlo’s Spring Collection

Stripes and color-blocks and reversable jackets, oh my! Spring collections are here and they’re full of surprises. Uniqlo, the Japense casual-wear and well-priced retailer, has collabed with British fashion designer JW Anderson to bring you all your international spring fashion needs. Below, our six favorite pieces from the collection.

Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Long-Sleeve Shirt
There’s a lot going on in this extra-long staple cotton long sleeve shirt. You’ve got horizontal lines, vertical lines, different color lines, all next to each other. Yet the pattern works, and it gives a classic button-down a bit of spice.

Reversible Hooded Coat
A classic fisherman’s coat, reinterpreted with a bit more sophistication — but still water-repellent. You also get a nice contrast from the pop of color on the inside. Or turn it inside out and have that inner color on the outside. The power is in your hands.

Multi Striped Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
What I like about this t-shirt is that it looks like it’s down to get dirty. Also shut-up. What I mean is that spring is coming, outdoor activities are commencing, and there will be mud. This 100% cotton, multi-colored striped shirt is fun, energetic and would fare well in any indoor/outdoor setting.

Oxford Crazy Patterned Long-Sleeve Shirt
Yes, more lines! They’re hard to catch at first, but the stripe pattern on the sleeves transform a simple white cotton long-sleeve shirt into a more intriguing piece that can still be easily styled.

Reversible Ribbed Blouson
It’s a choose-your-own-adventure blouson. You can go classic, chic in a solid beige or navy, or a complete 180 in a full-on plaid. Plus if you spill something on one side, you can just flip it inside out, which is what reversible items are intended for.

Pocketable Parka
A lightweight parka in an eye-catching color block design, also available in three colorways (though the yellow is the far superior). And if you happen to like to keep your parkas close for safe-keeping, it’s pocketable design makes for easy carrying.