By Alex Lauer / February 28, 2018 9:00 am

Your average retailer has wellies galore for women and children.

When it comes to finding a decent pair of gentleman-specific rain boots, though, you might as well tie some bags around your oxfords and start dodging puddles.

Fortunately, the dark recesses of the internet have you (and your dogs) covered. Below, six radically different options for keeping your feet high and dry in the storm waters this spring, from understated galoshes to small-batch Bean duck boots. You’ve got your waterproof jacket; now it’s time to complete the ensemble.

For not taking any chances….
Hunter Balmoral Rain Boots
These high-performance wellies from Hunter feature a Newflex Vibram outsole and comfortable molded insoles supporting a tough, no-nonsense upper.

For the semi-eccentric outdoorsman…
L.L.Bean Small-Batch Duck Boots
Last year, the Bean Boot purveyors announced they would begin releasing “small-batch duck boots” in limited-edition colorways. These red-upper, white-soled stompers are some of the best yet. 

For people who actually use the phrase “time is money”…
Aquatalia Vance Oxford
Bringing a change of shoes to the office is like packing lunch: it sounds good in theory, but some guys are just never going to take the time. These weatherproof oxfords (or these) are for those guys.

For acolytes of the “pop of color” school of menswear …
Stutterheim Chelsea Rainwalker
The classic silhouette of a Chelsea boot constructed from a forgiving rubber, with a variety of colored soles depending on how conservative your office is. 

For country boys who find themselves lost in the city …
Sorel Cheyanne II Boots
The rubber sole gives the same hard-wearing water seal of a duck boot, but the leather and suede upper dilutes the outdoorsy aesthetic, making it acceptable for city wear.

For not being caught dead in a rain boot…
Swims Galoshes
If you’re not willing to swap out your carefully curated oxfords, wingtips, monk straps or dress boots for a pair of wellies, at least get a pair of these low-cut galoshes to protect them.