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The 10 Best-Dressed Movie Characters of 2018

And how to dress like them without looking foolish

Regardless of how one feels about this year’s Oscar race (our Editor in Chief’s opinion is well-documented), one fact cannot be denied: the films of 2018 featured a veritable smorgasbord of characters with, shall we say, strong sartorial chops.

From elegantly suited to ruggedly rumpled to, well, hardly dressed at all, your pals here at InsideHook thought we’d go ahead and add our own category to Sunday night’s proceedings: the Award for Enviable Style in a Motion Picture.

So here they are, our 10 nominees (plus one bonus), along with a few recommendations on how to inject some of their vestiary panache into your own wardrobe.

And the award goes to …

Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine in A Star is Born

The Fit: Cooper’s Maine has rugged style down so hard that we wrote an entire article about it. And for our money, his most idiot-proof-cool ensemble is this simple combo of tan denim jacket, grey tee, black jeans and cowboy boots. The more weathered across the board the better (urine stains not included).

Get the look: Iconic Denim Jacket by Gap Factory / Slub Pocket Tee by Flint and Tinder / Barclay Jean in Black by Mott & Bow / Shane Roper Boot by Tecovas

Mahershala Ali as Dr. Don Shirley in Green Book

The Fit: While we cannot co-sign Dr. Don’s mock turtleneck, we’re big fans of the actual turtleneck under a blazer, especially with such a strong combo of color coordination and in-your-face pattern. Legendary piano chops are on you to sort out.

Get the look: Tartan Pattern Blazer by Tagliatore / Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater by Cashmeren

Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger in Black Panther

The Fit: A weathered denim jacket over a white tee is always a crispy look, but the addition of shearling and a couple beaded necklaces takes Killmonger’s introductory ensemble to the next level. Also doesn’t hurt to be, you know, insanely shredded underneath.

Get the look: Sherpa Trucker Jacket by Levi’s / Slub Scallop Crewneck Tee by Goodlife / Mixed Black Onyx Bead Necklace by Chad Barela

John David Washington as Ron Stallworth in BlacKkKlansman

The Fit: We’ve long been staunch supporters of the short-sleeve “sweater polo,” and Stallworth’s stylish number was a great reminder that a long-sleeved version is every bit as cool and twice as unexpected. Especially when you button it all the way up and throw some neck hardware on top.

Get the look: Merino Sweater Polo by Bonobos / Gold Dove Necklace by Miansai

Chris Hemsworth as Billy Lee in Bad Times at the El Royale

The Fit: Don’t know if it’s denim or linen or if it even matters, but dammit if Billy Lee’s embroidered snap-front hippie cowboy shirt didn’t have us wanting to re-evaluate our diet, double down on the situps/pushups and rock that baby all the way open all summer long. (Ed. note: for those looking to achieve even an approximation of Hemsworth bod, it bears noting that he’s just launched his own fitness app with advice and tips from his cabal of pro coaches and dieticians.)

Get the look: Embroidered Denim Shirt by Saint Laurent

Stephan James as Alonzo “Fonny” Hunt in If Beale Street Could Talk

The Fit: In an effort to stay faithful to the source material, Beale Street costume designer Caroline Eselin-Schaefer pulled Fonny’s buffalo-check jacket based on a description straight out of James Baldwin’s novel. And the much storied plaid pops every bit as much today as it did in 1970s Harlem (or the 1870s American West, or 1670s Scotland, for that matter).

Get the look: Outdoorsman Buffalo Plaid Jacket by Legendary Whitetails / Japanese Selvedge Oxford Button Down Shirt by Todd Snyder

Matthew McConaughey as Richard Wershe Sr. in White Boy Rick

The Fit: A shearling coat (especially one with a big collar) is just such an amazing statement piece … the statement usually being “I’m the kind of guy who gives very few f*cks.” Paired with some lightly-tinted aviators, doubly so.

Get the look: Brodie Shearling Double-Breasted Coat by Reiss (on sale!) / Aviator Sunglasses by Serengeti

John C. Reilly as Dr. Watson in Holmes & Watson

The Fit: Possibly the only redeeming feature of this film is noted menswear aficionado Reilly’s commitment to classic English tailoring — tweed on tweed is a boss look, especially with contrasting (but complimentary) patterns. Bonus points for the leather driving gloves.

Get the look: The Donegal Tweed Suit by Articles of Style / Plaid Wool Melton Overcoat by Massimo Alba (also on sale!) / Luxury Touchscreen Italian Leather Driving Gloves by Elma

Cate Blanchett as Lou in Ocean’s Eight

The Fit: True this isn’t technically menswear, per se, but there’s a certain gender-agnostic sartorial audacity to rocking a coat this loud, and we are very much here for it.

Get the look: Long Hooded Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat by Urban Outfitters

Robert Redford as Forrest Tucker in The Old Man & the Gun

The Fit: Our man Sundance is the only cat on the list to get two looks, primarily because even at the ripe old age of 82 he’s still proving that both a well-tailored three-piece and a suede/denim combo are menswear staples that will never, ever go out of style.

Get the look: Rivington Dusk Blue Three-Piece Suit by Black Lapel / Suede Trucker Jacket by Ralph Lauren (also on sale!) / Barstow Western Shirt by Levi’s

BONUS: Nicolas Cage as Red Miller in Mandy

The Fit: Ok admittedly this one is a joke, but if you’re going to aggressively pound vodka straight from the bottle and then go on a murderous rampage to avenge your girlfriend’s murder at the hands of an LSD-guzzling satanic biker cult, you probably couldn’t pick a better getup than this.

Get the look: Mandy Tiger Raglan Baseball Shirt by One Man Surf Party / Staycool Briefs by Jockey

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