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The 15 Best Crewneck Sweatshirts for Men

Forget sweater weather — it's sweatshirt weather

best crewneck sweatshirts for men
Noah, End Clothing, L.L.Bean

This article is part of our Fall Style Guide, a fortnight-long series aimed at helping you figure out how to dress for the coming season, which, as we’ve become accustomed to saying, isn’t going to be quite like any that came before it. At least you’ll look good, though, right?

Even despite its popularity in recent years, the crewneck sweatshirt is a criminally underrated article of clothing. Its wear has been relegated to such banal activities as running errands and doing laundry, something you throw on for comfort rather than style. But now you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. It’s time to rid yourself of any notions of sweatshirts as strictly loungewear and start considering them as a serious contender in your fall wardrobe.

Allow me a moment to extol the benefits of the crewneck sweatshirt. You already know sweatshirts are comfortable, the reason being they were designed exclusively for comfort (what a concept). The first sweatshirt came to be in 1920 when University of Alabama football player Benjamin Russell Jr. sought an alternative to the abrasive fabric of his football uniform. Russell Jr. brought the idea to his father Russell Sr., who in turn brought his son’s idea to fruition. Thus the sweatshirt was born. Part of the sweatshirt’s comfort, and appeal, lies in its warmth, and while a sweater can also keep you cozy, fabrics like wool — especially cheap wool — can make them not so pleasant to wear.

You’ve probably been accustomed to wearing sweatshirts by themselves, but if you’ve never used a sweatshirt as a layering piece, then you’re truly missing out on one of their greatest attributes. The crewneck sweatshirt is ideal for layering, and what is fall without layers? Layer a collared shirt underneath to achieve that preppy-collegiate look. Alternatively, go sans shirt and layer a light jacket over the sweatshirt (a sweatshirt underneath a jean jacket is especially attractive). Or if you’re feeling bold, layer both under and over the sweatshirt.

So sure, it might officially be “sweater weather,” but who’s to say sweatshirts aren’t the superior fall staple?


Everlane The French Terry Crew

If there’s one sweatshirt that everyone needs in their closet, regardless of season, it’s the classic grey French terry crew, like this one from Everlane. Yes, it’s simple, but that’s entirely the point. Besides, if it has ‘French’ in its name then you know it’s automatically chic.


J.Crew Lightweight Sunwashed Sweatshirt

Give the appearance of a worn vintage piece with this sunwashed sweatshirt from J.Crew. The gentle fade will have people believing you’ve been wearing it for years, while the French terry and cotton slub will make you feel like you have.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder x Champion Midweight Pocket Sweatshirt

No list of sweatshirts would be complete without Champion, but we’re partial to Todd Snyder’s frequent collaboration with the brand. Reach for this guy on those days when you don’t know exactly what you want to wear but are determined to be as cozy as possible. The rusty brown color makes it a clear fall basic, while Archival Champion details, like the raglan sleeve and chest pocket, help it stand out from the rest.


Gap Vintage Soft Sweatshirt

Come fall we always find ourselves drawn to rich shades of bordeaux and burgundy, so when it’s made available in a super soft, vintage-inspired sweatshirt, like this one from Gap, we’re naturally smitten.

Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer Fleece Sweatshirt

Carry the tie-dye trend into fall with this artfully dyed sweatshirt from Richer Poorer. The brand proves that not all tie-dye has to be overwhelmingly bright colors and conspicuous patterns, but can even be subtle.


Entireworld Loop Back Sweatshirt

Entireworld has quickly made a name for itself as purveyor of some of the most comfortable sweats, and rightfully so. Their Loop Back Sweatshirt is described as “the sweatshirt to end all sweatshirts” and features a roomy silhouette that’s given definition thanks to the fitted hem and cuffs. The sweatshirt is slightly bigger than the raglans you might be accustomed to, but that’s what makes it so comfortable — of course, the Japanese organic cotton doesn’t hurt either.


L.L.Bean Classic Crewneck Sweatshirt

One of the worst tragedies to befall one’s sweatshirt is the much dreaded shrinkage. Who knows the countless number of sweatshirts that have been retired too early in their careers as the result of a powerful dryer? Luckily, L.L.Bean has taken the potential for disaster into account and use a prewashed fabric for crafting their crewneck sweatshirt, which helps to prevent shrinkage. No more throwing in a size medium sweatshirt into the dryer and pulling out an extra-small when finished.


Noah Classic Crewneck

Forgo all those muted neutrals and don’t be afraid to don something out of the blue (get it?) even if it goes against the ingrained fall way of dressing. There’s no reason your fall wardrobe shouldn’t feature brighter or less traditional colors for the season, especially when this icy blue beauty by Noah exists.


Outerknown Sur Sweatshirt

Off-white (cream? eggshell?) might seem like another unusual choice when it comes to a fall sweatshirt, but just imagine yourself looking crisp and clean in Outerknown’s Sur while silhouetted against the vibrant foliage.

End Clothing

Colorful Standard Classic Organic Crew Sweat

Sometimes what your wardrobe needs are the basics, like Colorful Standard’s Classic Organic Crew Sweat in a deep navy. While the sweatshirt may be simple, the design and craftsmanship certainly doesn’t suffer as a result, with the sweatshirt made from 100% organic cotton that’s garment dyed. So while it might be just a navy sweatshirt, it’s the only one you’ll ever need.

Urban Outfitters

UO Retro Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Incorporate a little prep into your wardrobe by layering this Retro Crew Neck Sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters over a contrasting collared shirt, with the collar peeking out. Or, allow the bold shade of red to speak for itself and wear it as a standalone piece.


Cos Waffle-Knit Organic Sweatshirt

For those who love the texture and appearance of waffle-knit but desire something a little more heavy-duty than the usual thermals and waffle long-sleeves, look no further than Cos’s Waffle-Knit Organic Sweatshirt. Even if you already have a grey sweatshirt, this one provides a feel and look that’s entirely different from the usual French terry.

Mr. Porter

Mr P. Contrast-Tipped Loopback Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts don’t always have to be ultra-casual, as evidenced by this ecru sweatshirt with black stripes along the hem and cuffs, from Mr Porter’s eponymous line, Mr P. The sweatshirt can still certainly lean casual, say when paired with jeans, but the contrasting yet simple colors and design lends it a sophistication that most sweatshirts lack.


Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt

While at a glance this might look like your typical grey crewneck sweatshirt, the basic is elevated thanks to the addition of rugged leather patches on the elbow. Think of it as the black-tie version of grey sweatshirts.


Madewell Garment-Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt

This not-quite purple but not-quite grey sweatshirt from Madewell gleans inspiration from the sweatshirts of yesteryear, meaning no needless details or gimmicks, just a good ol’ pullover. The fit is similar to that of retro athletic gear, meaning while it’s not necessarily oversized, it definitely allows for more wiggle room than some of today’s slimmer options.

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