Worried about a discussion involving rings this week? (Hello, Valentine’s Day.)

Don’t be. At least not here.

Forged from antler, carbon fiber and whiskey-barrel oak, OriginHG handcrafts possibly the most badass male accessories you’ll ever own.

Another point in their favor: They forge amazing kitchen knives out of recycled steel and salvaged saw mill blades.

OriginHG (or Origin Goods if you go to their non-Etsy store) is the brainchild of Marc Liss, a Canadian teacher who starting making wooden rings seven years ago on a whim. “I had spent June/July of that year carving a wooden face into a log while living in the Yukon, and when I returned to the prairies I decided I’d like to try making a wooden ring for my then girlfriend, now wife,” he says. “I’ve been doing it ever since.”

His rings are crafted from exotic hardwoods (whiskey barrel oak, for starters), steel and carbon fiber, as well as deer, moose and caribou antler — all of which, according to Liss, has been “naturally shed and ethically obtained,” along with bison horn sourced from local farmers.

Because the rings are made from wood and antler, the grain of each one will a little bit different — aka one-of-a-kind. And the infusion of carbon fiber adds an ultralight durability.

Working with his brother (a metal fabricator), Liss more recently began to experiment with knives, including a Japanese kiridashi: a stripped-down, 4” pocket knife used for carving, cutting cord, opening boxes, prying, gardening; whatever. For these, Liss uses recycled steel that carries a bit of wear from its previous life, imbuing the blade with some history. A leather sleeve is also custom-made for each cutlass.

Liss also handcrafts an assortment of kitchen knives from salvaged saw mill blades, which pair nicely with that whiskey barrel ring.

Production of most items takes 8-12 weeks, though there’s a waitlist for some items until July/August. You can also request custom orders to have something unique made just for you.

If you want that, just give ‘em a ring.