Style | January 21, 2016 9:00 am

Jeans That Fit Are Back, Baby

Better denim. Better fit. Care of Ball and Buck.

By The Editors

Your correspondent’s old man used to have a bon mot for guys who wore their jeans too tight.

“Those pants are like a cheap hotel,” he’d say. “No ballroom.”

Erring on the roomier side of things: Ball and Buck, the hale and hearty, made-in-America brand that just launched their first collection of in-house denim.

The cut: classic six-point straight leg. Tailored enough for a blazer and boots, casual enough for sneakers and a game of pigskin.

The materials: a 12-oz. distilled indigo and a 13.5-oz. selvage from North Carolina’s hallowed Cone Mills. Both are punched up with B&B’s signature huntsman-inspired trimmings, from shotgun shell rivets to reinforced nylon seat seams to interior camo pockets.

Like all of Ball and Buck’s menswear goods, they’re heavy on the hand and built for chopping down trees and carrying a woman over each each shoulder (to safety; from a fire).

Pair with a Buffalo plaid hunter’s shirt (note the elbow patches and reinforced shotgun shoulder) and super-thick Woolrich mariner’s overshirt and you’ll likely have a grizzly for a pet by the time the week’s out.

And as for ballroom, well — you ever been to the Ritz Carlton?