If You Own One Garment From This Minnesota Menswear Brand, Make It These Pants

A paean to Askov Finlayson’s flagship Explorer Pant

If You Own One Garment From This Minnesota Menswear Brand, Make It These Pants
By Alex Lauer / January 3, 2019 9:00 am

If you know Askov Finlayson for one thing, it’s probably their beanies. The Minnesota menswear brand’s pom-topped winter hats emblazoned with the single word “NORTH” have made their way from the land of 10,000 lakes to both coasts. I speak from experience, having seen them this fall in Seattle as well as topping otherwise staid gents near Bryant Park in Manhattan.

Despite the popularity, it’s not the garment I recommend for those looking for an intro to the outfitter. For that, you’ll do no better than the Explorer Pant, trousers that pair workwear-level construction with upscale-menswear detailing. In other words, a true all-purpose pant, even more so since it’s available in six handsome colorways.


It’s also the company’s first official offering. “We decided to create the Explorer Pant as the first product under the Askov Finlayson brand because — as everyone told us when we first started — pants are hard,” Eric Dayton told Cool Hunting back in 2013 (he founded the company with his brother Andrew). “And we wanted to begin by focusing on one thing and doing it the best that we could.”

That ethos led them to source the unwashed cotton canvas for the Explorer Pant from Japan’s acclaimed Kurabo Mills, founded in 1888, though the garment is made in the U.S. And instead of trusting the fabric itself, the knees and seat are reinforced so they’ll hold up in the tundra, the woods and even (thanks to a variety of hues) the office.

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Best of all, Askov Finlayson is a champion of “climate accountability,” investing 110% of their environmental impact each year in organizations fighting climate change. So go ahead and nab one of their new “Warmist” sweaters too. Reclaim sanity. 

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