The 50 Best Winter Coats for Men

Every style. Every price. Every temperature — covered.

The 50 Best Winter Coats for Men
By Mike Conklin / December 12, 2018 9:00 am

Here’s a little secret: Despite the fact that most men’s magazines and websites published their features on winter coats roughly three months ago, it is still very cold outside and, in many parts of the country, will be for yet another three months. So as far as we’re concerned, we remain very much in the thick of winter coat-buying season.

And another secret? Despite all those “Last Minute” gift guides everyone’s been publishing for what seems like weeks already, there is, as of this writing, still plenty of time left for buying presents. Perhaps more importantly, though, there is still plenty of time left for you to tell other people what to buy you.

Which is why, below, you’ll find 50 of our favorite jackets and coats, broken down into six style categories and arranged by price, from lowest to highest.

Stay warm out there. 

The Parka

Defining Characteristics: Insulated, waterproof and hooded. Often featuring fur trim, either real or synthetic.

The Classic Example: GI N3B Military Parka

Wear It With: Virtually anything, really, from jeans and boots to a full-on suit.

Everlane Short Parka

Everlane Short Parka

Buy Here: $165

A&F Survival Parka

BUY HERE: $260

Alpha Industries UO Exclusive N3B Slim Corduroy Coat

Buy Here: $250

Flint and Tinder Waxed Ridge Parka

Buy Here: $400

Mission Workshop The Watchman

Buy Here: $755

Billy Reid Rabbit Camden Parka

Buy Here: $995

Barry Men’s Parka by Nobis 

BUY HERE: $995

Moncler Polaris

Buy Here: $2300

The Overcoat

Defining Characteristics: Cut like a suit jacket and intended to be worn over one. They’re made of wool and hit anywhere from right above the knee to the middle of the calf.

The Classic Example: O’Connell’s Lambswool Topcoat

Wear It With: Well, a suit, obviously. Also perfectly acceptable dressed down with crisp dark jeans and some Chelsea boots.

J. Crew Ludlow Topcoat

Buy Here: $450

Ted Baker Checkered Overcoat

Ted Baker Checked Overcoat

Buy Here: $659

Mr P. Virgin Wool and Camel Hair Blend Overcoat

Buy Here: $895

Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Camel Topcoat

Buy Here: $900

Brooks Brothers Chesterfield Topcoat

Brooks Brothers Chesterfield Topcoat

Buy Here: $1200

The Bomber

Defining Characteristics: Short and zippered, with a tight-fitting elastic waist.

The Classic Example: MA-1 Flight Jacket

Wear It With: They’re generally viewed as a casual option, but we think they pair nicely with some nice medium-gray flannels, a white dress shirt and a solid-color tie with some texture to it.

Alpha Industries MA-1 Hooded Bomber

Alpha Industries MA-1 Hooded Bomber

Buy Here: $180

Coldsmoke AlphaLite Bomber

Coldsmoke AlphaLite Bomber

Buy Here: $285

Todd Snyder Champion Quilted Bomber

Buy Here: $300

The North Face Gotham III

Buy Here: $300

Crosby Buffalo Plaid

Buy Here: $495

Golden Bear Front Snap Varsity Jacket

Buy Here: $750

DSquared2 Shell Puffer Bomber

Buy Here: $1200

The Peacoat

Defining Characteristics: Double-breasted front, a large, sturdy collar,  oversized buttons and high side-pockets with nearly vertical openings.

The Classic Example: It doesn’t get much more classic (or itchier) than the one they give you in the Navy.

Wear It With: Another extremely versatile option here. We like it dressed down a bit — think  well-worn denim, a crew-neck sweatshirt and some nice, clean Ones

Vetra Wool Peacoat

Vetra Wool Peacoat

BUY HERE: $250

Schott Classic Melton Peacoat

Buy Here: $300

Bonobos Italian Hybrid Peacoat

Bonobos Italian Hybrid Peacoat

Buy Here: $495

Ted Baker GRILLD Peacoat

Buy Here: $595

Billy Reid Cashmere Bond Peacoat

Buy Here: $1795

The Duffle

Defining Characterics: Most notably, toggle closures often made of some combination of leather and wood. Also: a hood.

The Classic Example: Paddington’s, obviously. 

Wear It With: Jeans, your favorite boots, an OCBD and a shawl-neck sweater. 

Bellfield Duffle Coat

Bellfield Duffle Coat

Buy Here: $100

Gloverall Classic Original

Buy Here: $475

Loveless Check Print Duffle

Loveless Check Print Duffle Coat

Buy Here: $728

Taylor Stitch Tomales Coat in Loden Wool 

Buy Here: $800

Hysteric Glamour Printed Duffle Coat

Buy Here: $1312

The Puffer

Defining Characteristics: Er, puffiness. Also down insulation and a nylon outershell. 

The Classic Example:  Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

Wear It With: Some beat-up khakis and a rugged pair of hiking boots. 

Uniqlo Seamless Down Parka

Buy Here: $150

Outdoor Research Transcendant Hooded Down Jacket

Buy Here: $169

Marine Layer Sun Valley Puffer

Buy Here: $228

Aether Ghost Jacket

Buy Here: $300

Moncler Montgenevre

Buy Here: $1475


Defining Characteristics: Traditionally a suede outside with fur on the inside, collar and lapels. Often absurdly expensive. Like, “f*ck you” expensive.

The Classic Example: Harold’s

Wear It With: Something clean and simple. Best not to have anything competing with the shearling.

Banana Republic Faux Shearling Coat

Buy Here: $300

Golden Bear Shearling Trimmed Wool Coat

Buy Here: $450

American Trench x Cockpit USA Jeep Coat

Buy Here: $850

Ralph Lauren RRL Slim Fit Shearling Leather Jacket

Buy Here: $2,900

Boglioli Double Breasted Shearling Coat

Buy Here: $4,875


Defining Characteristics: Breathable but warm. Water-resistant, if not fully waterproof. 

The Classic Example:  Honestly, the Patagonia Down Sweater fits the bill for this one, too. 

Wear It With: Whatever’s appropriate for the activity in which you’re participating.  And remember, if said appropriate attire includes dress pants and dress shoes of any sort, this is not the correct outerwear choice — and nor is its sleeveless sibling

Patagonia Nano Air Light Hybrid

Buy Here: $199

Mountain Hardware Kor Strata

Mountain Hardweare Kor Strata Jacket

Buy Here: $220

Coldsmoke Tundra Panel Jacket

Buy Here: $245

Arcteryx Proton AR Hooded

Arc’Teryx Proton AR Hooded Insulated Jacket

BUY HERE: $349

Aztec Mountain Hayden 3-Layer Jacket

Buy Here: $895

The Car Coat

Defining Characteristics: Hip-length, with a single-breasted button front and a generally simple sillhouette.

The Classic Example:  J.Crew’s Thinsulate version

Wear It With: Whatever you want, really. Just make sure it fits well so you like more like this guy than this guy

DSTLD Long Coat

DSTLD Long Wool Coat

Buy Here: $250

Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

Buy Here: $395

Bonobos Italian Wool Car Coat

Bonobos Italian Wool Car Coat

Buy Here: $400

Orvis Black Sheep Wool Driving Coat

Orvis Black Sheep Wool Driving Coat

Buy Here: $500

APC Alex Coat

APC Alex Coat

Buy Here: $500

Main image via Arc’Teryx

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