Style | September 18, 2014 9:00 am

Pocket Lock It

By The Editors

Good news: iPhone 6 officially launches tomorrow.

Bad news: your whole life is about to be at the mercy of a five-inch black box made by a company that just had a highly publicized security breach.

Protect your life. Sheath that leaking data with 1984, the surveillance-proof clothing collection now available for preorder.

Devised by UK-based The Affair (makers of Neuromancer and Dostoyevsky-inspired graphic Ts), the ironically named 1984 is an NSA-fighting wardrobe with police-level tech.

The Orwellian line centers on the UnPocket, a removable waxed-canvas pocket with built-in radio shields (it’s water-resistant, too).

This Faraday cage blocks cellular, WiFi, GPS and RFID frequencies from 13.56 MHz–2.4 GHz. It’s the same tech police use to stop suspects from wiping digital evidence.

And it’s well endowed: it can hold the iPhone 6 Plus, plus your wallet and passport to boot.

The UnPocket was designed to attach/detach from any other part of the 1984 line: a solid line of vintage work shirts, chinos, blazers and jackets.

The collection hit its funding goals yesterday, and you can now preorder it all with some steep discounts for the next two weeks. Free shipping, too.

Mind you, they track that stuff.