Sports | March 30, 2017 9:00 am

These Wingsuit Videos Will Make You Feel All Kinds of Ways

Clench. Gasp. Cheer. Unclench. Repeat.

Megan Fox Frederick's of Hollywood
Megan Fox Frederick's of Hollywood (Frederick's of Hollywood)

Wingsuit videos. Can’t sit through ‘em; can’t turn ‘em off.

They come in many shapes and sizes: solo flights, group action, rough stuff, the occasional compelling backstory. Below, you’ll find a selection of wingsuit videos for every proclivity and predilection. Don’t worry, they were all made by safe, consenting adults. Now pick your poison.

If you want to see …

A guy shooting a six-foot wide gap in a boulder, try:

First-person POV, try:

Rodeo-style riding, try:

A ring of fire (literally), try:

Non-fatal bloopers, try:

A canopy tour, try:

A low-cut top, try:

Skyscraper-scraping, try:

A ring of fire (figuratively), try:

Foot stuff, try: