Sports | July 25, 2016 4:00 am

This Ivy League Student Moonlights as a Competitive Climber

(Greg Mionske / Red Bull Content Pool)
(Greg Mionske / Red Bull Content Pool)
Greg Mionske


Sasha DiGiulian began climbing competitively at nine years old. By 11, she’d won her first junior international competition. At 18, DiGiulian became the third woman in history—the first from North America—to climb a 5.14d route (among the world’s most difficult). [Competitive climbing grades range from 5.0 (a, b, c, d) to 5.15. (a, b, c, d).]

Currently, DiGiulian is enrolled full time at Columbia University. Between her final exams, the climbing prodigy took time out of studying to fly out to Utah for a few climbs. DiGiulian’s goal is to summit the North Six Shooter, one of the United States’ most difficult peaks. Watch the video below to see the Virginia-born climber in action.