Sports | September 22, 2017 9:57 am

NCAA Threatens College Runner With Ineligibility for Promoting Water Bottle Company

Texas A&M cross country athlete Ryan Trahan developed business in high school, promotes it online.

NCAA Threatens Athlete With Ineligibility Over Water Bottle Company
(Ryan Trahan/YouTube)

A 17-year-old freshman cross country athlete has had his NCAA eligibility called into question after it was discovered that he had founded, runs, and promotes his own business on YouTube.

This, of course, could potentially be in violation of NCAA rules.

Ryan Trahan, who competes for Texas A&M, founded a water bottle company, Neptune Bottle, with a high school friend, but now has to file a waiver to the NCAA, so he can continue running the business and, well, continue running, period. He’s also been told that he has to stop making reference to his company online or the fact that he’s a runner for Texas A&M, per a video he posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

Trahan told the Dallas Morning News that “[The company and running] are the two biggest things in my life. They’re asking me to throw one out the window, essentially.”

On Thursday, the NCAA tweeted responses to the video.

According to Texas A&M, his availability for a cross country meet scheduled for this weekend is now up in the air.