Sports | November 4, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s How Long It Would Take You to Run a Marathon

No need to fly to NYC. The Marathon Calculator knows all.

By The Editors

I’m at the DMV with hours to kill because the government lost my renewed license in the mail; their mistake is my punishment. How long will it take? About as long as it would take me to run a marathon, by my calculations.

How’d I arrive at that number?  The Marathon Calculator, originally devised by Slate before being fine-tuned at FiveThirtyEight. How it works: you input the distance you would normally run along with your expected time for that run, as well as your results from races you’ve previously run. Give it a go.

It’d take me five hours and change to run the NYC marathon. No, my sentence at the DMV isn’t five hours; it’s two. But two hours at the DMV feels like five hours of running a marathon.

That’s just math.