Sports | October 27, 2017 10:15 am

Nation’s Most Prolific College QB Has Way-More-Famous Brothers

West Virginia quarterback Will Grier shares the spotlight with his internet-famous siblings.

There’s that old saying: The youngest gets the first, but the oldest gets the most. In this case, that doesn’t apply at all.

If you were a Vine fan back in the day—you know, the six-second-video-clip service that made some people six-second internet famous—you’ll remember the names Nash and Hayes Grier, two teenage brothers who amassed massive followings on the social app, and went on to break into show biz and lead celebrity-style lives. Despite the social app being shuttered last year, it made them teen influencers the world over. Even their younger sister, Skylynn, who starred in many of the popular Vines, has 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Where does that leave older brother Will? Completely overshadowed, for the most part, except the fact that he’s now the quarterback for the West Virginia Mountaineers and has thrown 26 touchdown passes, good for best in the nation. But he’s still humble about his place in the family Grier: “If we walked down the street,” Will told ESPN, “I’d be the least famous, completely.”

That wasn’t always the case. He was one of the most highly recruited high school quarterbacks in the nation at one point, and his now-famous siblings looked up to their older brother. “I wanted to be just like him growing up,” said Hayes. Making his way to Florida to play for the Gators, he ran into controversy, testing positive for a banned substance and weathering a one-year suspension.

Then he transferred to West Virginia, and the rest is history. Sure, it’s not going to get him on Dancing with the Stars like younger brother Hayes or the Grammys like Nash, but it’s better than nothing. And it could punch his ticket to the NFL, too.