Sports | July 14, 2017 9:00 am

Bros Build 100-Foot ‘Surfing Dock’ Because Paddling Is Hard

Kelly Slater can have his wave pool

Throw five surfers on a plastic floating dock in the middle of a big break wave and you get some interesting results. The video we have here starts begins tranquil and easy enough. The 100-foot dock moves with the water as the surfers take turns running down the length of the dock to hop on the waves.

Then things get real: This isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, seeing the dock is anchored with wires, these guys are lucky that no one was severed. Nevertheless, it sure looks fun.

The dock is made by Candock, which makes these plastic floating structures ideal for boating and rowing teams. STAB Magazine and Volcom figured they’d use one for a video shoot.

In short: this thing  could give Kelly Slater’s wavepool a literal run for its money. Because imagine a world you simply didn’t have to paddle. 

We can, and we’d sure love to give it a go.