This High-Tech Bassinet Will Put Your Baby Right to Sleep

The SNOO is here to rescue you from sleepless nights

This High-Tech Bassinet Will Put Your Baby Right to Sleep
By Lee Cutlip / April 8, 2020 2:01 pm

I do not have a baby, but I imagine there’s nothing quite as stress-inducing as trying to put an upset, wailing, red-in-the-face baby to sleep. In fact, it sounds like a fucking nightmare. And if that’s your current reality, I’m so sorry.

But if there’s one thing to rescue you (and your baby) from more sleepless nights, it’s the SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby. Conceived by Dr. Harvey Karp, the high-tech bassinet uses a combination of gentle rocking and a rumbling sound to lull the baby to sleep, and in the event the baby happens to wake up, the bassinet responds to any cries with a gradual increase in white noise and movement. In other words, it’s a miracle in the form of a sleek, minimalistic bassinet.

Naturally, with all that it touts and promises, the SNOO Smart Sleeper isn’t exactly cheap (it’s a little less than $1,300). But considering the peace of mind it will not only bring you and but your family as a whole, it seems well worth the price.

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