Smart Home | January 28, 2020 12:22 pm

Deal: Google's Nest Hub Has Never Been This Cheap. Here's Why You Need One (Actually, Two).

It's all about the visual display

Google Nest Hub
Best Buy

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“What does this thing exactly do?”

That was the question more than one editor was asking today about Google’s Nest Hub.

Simply put: The Nest Hub is Google’s answer to Amazon’s smart products. This one is a touchscreen display (akin to the Echo Show) with Google Assistant capabilities — you can do all the usual calendar, reminders, smart home controls, music listening and other things you do with an AI assistant, but with the advantage of being able to watch YouTube videos, look at photos and get visually enhanced info/answers during your voice queries.

The Nest Hub is usually about $129, though you can probably find it for $80 on a given day. What you can’t find is this deal: $100 for two of these hubs, via a sale at Best Buy.

Looks and sounds like a smart deal.