Two of Nike's Most Iconic Shoes, Now in Reversed Original Colorways

Get these limited edition Air Max 1's and Huarache's tomorrow at 10am

Two of Nike's Most Iconic Shoes, Now in Reversed Original Colorways
By Lee Cutlip / January 14, 2020 1:55 pm

Tinker Hatfield revolutionized footwear when he introduced his designs for Nike’s Air Max 1 and the Huarache — they were, respectively, the first of their kind to incorporate visible Air and bootie construction as a part of their design. Since their respective releases in 1987 and 1991, the shoes have easily become two of the most identifiable and sought after designs. To honor the history of these silhouettes, Nike is releasing both shoes in exclusive colorways — the Air Max 1 in the original Huarache color and the Huarache in the original Air Max colorway. The shoes will come in a special-edition OG box with tissue-paper featuring sketches of the original designs, a pair of socks and a booklet that details the sneaker’s origin. It’s like owning a piece of sneaker history.

The sneakers will be released Wednesday January 15 at 10 AM. Given their exclusivity and the nature of their history, you can expect them to sell out fast, so set your alarms.

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