You’re Going to Need These $40 SeaVees Sneakers This Summer

These 50% off shoes look good no matter how hard you wear ‘em

SeaVees Summer Sneakers 50% Off Sale Huckberry
Take 50% off three styles of SeaVees at Huckberry, then wear 'em into the ground this summer.
By Alex Lauer / June 24, 2019 12:06 pm

We recently published a 50-item summer gear guide in which our staff researched, debated and decided on the best coolers, boards, boats and other warm-weather trappings. But you won’t find the unsung hero of summertime on that list — the cheap sneaker.

When we say cheap sneakers, we don’t mean in looks or construction, we’re exclusively talking about price. And right now, you won’t find many deals better than SeaVees, which are currently just shy of 50% off on Huckberry, the best pair coming in under $40.

Yes, the 08/63 Hermosa Plimsoll Standard sneakers have an intriguing genesis (their style comes from “the first skateboard contest” in Hermosa Beach in August ‘63). But the reason they’re a dog-day must-have is because they give you permission to leave your expensive, immaculate sneakers at home. When you head out on a summer Friday with no particular plan in mind, these SeaVees will pass muster in the style department, but should you wear them into the ground longboarding, biking or Spikeball-ing, it’s no big deal. They’re only $40, after all.

SeaVees 08/63 Hermosa Plimsoll Sneakers Sale
The 08/63 Hermosa Plimsoll is discounted in three colors, but other sale styles are also available. (Huckberry)

The 08/63 Hermosas are available in three colors, but Huckberry also has two other styles of Seavees on sale at almost 50% off if you’re in the market for racquet stylings or indoor/outdoor slippers.

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