Shoes | October 7, 2020 11:01 am

Deal: Doc Martens Makes a Mean Chelsea Boot, and They’re 50% Off

Classic styling meets heavyweight leather

Dr. Martens 2976 Pop Leather Chelsea Boots
You won't find a better deal on hard-wearing Chelsea boots.
Dr. Martens

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The Chelsea boot is too often pigeonholed as a fussy shoe, one that features suede or another delicate leather that would immediately become unwearable if scuffed. We’ve got no problem with the dressed-up Chelsea, but this fall we’re leaning into rugged Chelseas like Blundstones and Doc Martens, the latter of which you can pick up for 50% off.

There are two styles available at an absolute steal, the 2976 boot with the brand’s heavyweight Gaucho Crazy Horse leather or with their Grenade Green Wildhorse Lamper leather. The first is a classic brown Chelsea with a green side panel, the second is a subdued green leather with a tan side panel — but both are just $75 a pair. 

You have our permission to scuff these to kingdom come and never buff them out.