Shoes | January 22, 2020 11:15 am

Deal: Get L.L.Bean's Famed Boots on Sale

They've got your feet covered

Deal: Get L.L.Bean's Famed Boots on Sale

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L.L.Bean’s Bean Boots have long been touted as the perfect winter shoe, and for good reason: the chain-tread pattern of the outsole makes traversing icy or snowy ground slightly less frightening, and the water-resistant uppers will ensure your feet remain dry and toasty.

And just in time for any inclement weather, a nice selection of Bean Boots are currently on sale. In addition to the standard Bean Boot, the sale features some slightly different iterations of the traditional silhouette, like this Chelsea boot version or these shearling-lined herringbone ones (your toes will really thank you). But if you’re climate requires you wear something a little more heavy duty, there’s a few pairs of their Wildcat boots, which look like they can withstand pretty much anything.