Deal: This Discount Is Your Excuse to Buy One of the Most Iconic Sneakers Ever

Pick up a pair of Stan Smiths in green or dark blue for 25% off

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers
These classic green Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas are on sale, as well as the underrated dark blue.
By Alex Lauer / October 11, 2019 12:39 pm

You may not know who Stan Smith is (a world-renowned tennis player). You may not know if he is even a real guy (he is). And you probably don’t have any idea why his shoes became not just one of the most iconic Adidas, but one of the most iconic sneakers of all time (you should read this).

While we’re normally all about remembering history, today you only need to know two simple things: 1) Your sneaker collection needs a pair of Stan Smiths and 2) they’re currently 25% off at Nordstrom in both the classic green and underrated dark blue.

There’s the subtle perforated three-stripe design (Adidas loves those three stripes), the luxurious leather and synthetic upper, and ol’ Smith’s mug right there on the tongue. But really, what we’re talking about here is nothing more or less than a timeless white sneaker. Even if you’ve already seen the first few snowflakes of the season and you’ve retired your sneakers, these’ll still be in fashion when you eventually break them out (whether that’s 2020 or 2050).

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