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15 Summer-Appropriate Shoes for Wearing Around the House

Sandals, slides and more

15 Summer-Appropriate Shoes for Wearing Around the House
Mr. Porter, Birkenstock, Sabah

It’s nearly summer, and with its impending arrival comes the dilemma of finding a pair of seasonally appropriate house shoes. While those fuzzy slippers were ideal for fall and winter, they’ll only prove to be a gross, sweaty mess as the temperature starts to rise.

With that being said, it’s time to let those puppies breathe. Instead of constantly encasing your feet in cumbersome and constricting sneakers and socks, why not give them a chance to air out for a bit? Besides, with so much time now spent around the house, what do you need all those complicated shoes with laces for? What you’re really in need of is something you can just slip on and go, even if it’s just for walking the distance from your bed to the couch.

But if you really cannot bear the sight of your own feet, or are covering them up out of courtesy to your housemates, there are a range of closed toe options that are just as breathable as their open toe counterparts.

Below you’ll find 15 pairs of shoes for padding around the house in, and even the occasional grocery store run or taking out the garbage. And if you are going to let it all hang out (your feet, we mean), then at the very least try and maintain some semblance of upkeep when it comes to your feet — it’s all we ask.

Saturdays NYC Banya Leather Slides

Gucci popularized the luxe pool shoe, and these red leather slides from Saturdays NYC are reminiscent of some higher end versions, just sans the Gucci logo. Maybe conspicuous branding isn’t your thing and you want something that’s quietly luxurious as opposed to overtly designer.

Birkenstock Arizona

While Birkenstocks have largely been popularized for their wear outside of the home, what also makes them an ideal indoor shoe is the manner in which they conform to the contours of the wearer’s feet, making for a uniquely molded shoe. Go full granola-core and pair them with socks, even.

TOMS x Outerknown Lagoon

If you’re concerned as to when your next beach trip will be, you can at the very least get into the beachy spirit with a pair of surfer-approved flip-flops from TOMS and Outerknown. These cushiony sandals will make for comfortable wear around the house, all while reminding of you of trips to the beach to come.

Mango Slip-On Fishnet Shoes

The perforated fishnet material of these Mango slip-ons will keep your toes covered without completely suffocating them. Plus the braided trim around the sole lends them a distinctly summer look.

Drake’s Herringbone Cotton-Canvas Espadrilles

The quintessential shoe of summer, it doesn’t get more seasonally appropriate than a pair of espadrilles. Their cotton-canvas material allows for plenty of wiggle room when it comes to the toe area while the rubber soles provide support. And don’t be afraid to go ahead and crush the heel as you’re slipping them on — wear them like a slipper/espadrille hybrid.

Minnetonka Moosehide Classic

Maybe you like a little more structure and support when it comes to your house shoes. If so, then you need look no further than Minnetonka’s Moosehide Classic. Part loafer, part moccasin, these shoes are at the same time supple and sturdy.

Chacos Chillos Slide

Chacos have long dominated the outdoor-activity sandal market, but they also make shoes just for chilling, like their Chillos Slide. Their EVA construction means they’re lightweight (they can even float in water) and the corrective footbeds are ideal for helping with recovery post-workout.

Sabah Slip-On

You either love or hate Sabah’s, so if you fall into the former category, why not invest in a new pair solely to be worn in the comfort of your home? It’s a slightly more luxe option for a house shoe, but there’s no time like the present to indulge in something a little ridiculous (especially considering our current present).

Nike Benassi JDI

Naturally Nike makes a range of athletic slides, but none quite as fun as these Benassi ones featuring the retro hiker made famous in the Hike Nike movement.

J.Crew Kenton Driving Moccasins in Italian Leather

If you abide by the ethos of getting dressed to work from home, or just want to feel a little more put together while wearing your pajamas, these driving moccasins from J.Crew will simultaneously make you feel relaxed and like a productive member of society, a balance that’s increasingly hard to strike these days.

Rainbow ‘302Alts’ Flip Flop

Sometimes you just need a good ol’ reliable flip flop, and Rainbow always delivers.

A.P.C. Brown Colas Sandals

Don’t fear the mandal. These Jesus-y ones from A.P.C. are ideal for those who like the chunkier look of Birkenstocks but want them ever so slightly streamlined.

adidas Adilette Comfort Slides

The OG of slides, if you’ve ever dormed or shared a communal bathroom, then chances are you had a pair of these bad boys. But they’re also great for wear outside of the shower, are comfortable and come in a range of colors. We think it’s high time you revisit them.

Vince Easton Loafers

These suede loafers by Vince feature a collapsible heel meaning they can easily be slipped on and off.

Crocs Classic Clog

Crocs. A deeply divisive shoe, and for what? I’ll be the first to say that the hate and vitriol they receive is unjust and undue. Sure, they’re not the most flattering of shoes but they’re an icon in their own right and, more importantly, they’re comfortable. Plus this orange pair will make you feel like a top chef in a Michelin-star restaurant, but one who (hopefully) has not been accused of sexual assault. It’s time to take back the orange croc, people.

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