Sex & Dating | August 23, 2016 9:00 am

Newest Way to Boost the Ol’ Sex Drive? Yogurt.

Get your Greek on

Oysters. Chocolate. Figs.

The list of foods that will supposedly enhance your sex drive is a long and less-than-rigorously fact-checked one.

But scientists now say they’ve identified one food that really will make you better in the sack: yogurt.

Conducted by Geneticist Eric Alm and Cancer Biologist Susan Erdman, the study initially sought to find out if yogurt leads to weight loss in people as they age. And much like how Viagra was a “happy side effect,” the researchers found that not only was there a positive effect on weight, but also sex drive and fertility.

Important caveat before we continue: this was a study of 40 male and 40 female mice — so any learnings still carry quite a burden of proof before we start teaching them in high-school health classes. The researchers found that the males in the yogurt test group had considerably more sexual confidence than those in the non-yogurt group. They attribute this to probiotics, which leads to better digestion, and consequently, better health and heightened confidence.

What this doesn’t mean: that you should go out and start devouring economy-sized vats of yogurt.

What it does mean: the results show promise for yogurt’s connection to general health and, potentially, how smooth things are running downstairs.

Via Bel Marra Health