Sex & Dating | September 14, 2016 9:00 am

Photographer Captures Women at the Moment of Climax

They look

Photographer Albert Pocej had a dream: he wanted to capture women as they experienced orgasm. But he wanted to keep it classy. You know, artistic.

The hardest part was finding the women willing to participate. (We know, brother. We know.)

A 10-year industry professional, Pocej started writing to potential models, most of whom either found the idea too embarrassing or opted not to reply at all. 

In the end, 20 women came forward (see what I did there) to accept the challenge. A handful then backed out for various reasons. But some went for it, and the results are breathtaking. These pictuers aren’t pornography, or even erotica in the usual sense — partly because the subjects aren’t perfoming for the viewer so much as they are lost in their own pleasure.

For his more nervous models, Procej used time-lapse photography, allowing them total privacy, while other participants were comfortable enough with the camera that he stuck around and shot them manually.

Perhaps what’s most remarkable about the series is how unique each individual image is. 

“I didn’t want this project to be a cliché, I didn’t want any acting – just the real feeling as it is,” he notes on the website Bored Panda. “I wanted to make those looking at these pictures to think. And clichés don’t make people think.”

For more to think about you can view the full gallery set here.